Fun, Quirky & Epic Attractions

If you are driving around the Pathways to Wave Rock region, its worth checking out these attractions - they're the ones that are a little bit unique and that you weren't expecting!


The Beverley Soaring Society is the largest gliding club in Western Australia. Book a flight, learn how to fly, or feel free to just visit to watch as the gliders are towed in the air. 

For all information on flight bookings, prices, and membership click here to be redirected to the Beverley Soaring Society website.

Image taken within a glider plane in the sky

Vincent Street Walk Trail

This award-winning trail guides you on a tour of the stunning heritage buildings in Beverley. Download the app by scanning the QR code at the trail head just outside the Beverley Visitor centre. As you walk along Vincent Street pedestals will be found outside the buildings of significance or follow the map on the Augmented app reality app. Each identified place has cultural significance to the Beverley community.

Image of the interpretive street sign on the heritage walk in Beverley

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