Our Story

The Central Wheatbelt is a wonder waiting to be enjoyed. Its massive granite outcrops and spectacular views are a haven for birds, wildlife and wildflowers that delight bushwalkers, wildflower enthusiasts and photographers.

Formed in 1998, Roe Tourism Association is a collaborative, non-for-profit tourism partnership between eight Shires which collectively make up the ‘Pathways to Wave Rock’. Immersed in history, this area tells stories of our First Nations people, early settlers, and the beginnings of the areas agriculture. The Western Australian Wheatbelt is well known for its roots in agriculture – broad acre cropping, cattle, and sheep for wool and meat, and today we see some of the states most large and complex operations here.

Early explorers, such as John Septimus Roe, the Sandalwood Cutters and early settlers all camped near rocky outcrops, and million year old granites, where water and grasses were usually plentiful and are a most spectacular site to experience.

Group of people walking on top of a rock with canola fields in the distance in Corrigin on the Pathways to Wave Rock

Discover the magic

Wheat fields, grazing sheep and cattle, and magnificent stands of salmon gums, rough morrels and polished gimlets make for spectacular views. The open space and dark night skies are awe inspiring.

Glimpses of fauna, the striking wild flowers, a BBQ at a tranquil picnic area or camping under the dazzling stars are simple joys of the area.

Enjoy the special delights of fresh produce including olive oil, wines, preserves, yabbies and lavender products as well as distinctive cafes, restaurants and character filled country hotels.

The eight Shires of Beverley, Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen and Quairading and the people who live in these rural communities welcome you to come and enjoy the many extraordinary and unique experiences which the region has to offer.

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