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If you are driving around the Pathways to Wave Rock region, depending on where you are driving from, there are a number of other drive experiences that make ideal companion drives to the Trail.

Group of people walking on top of a rock with canola fields in the distance in Corrigin on the Pathways to Wave Rock

Pathways to Wave Rock

The Pathways to Wave Rock links the Shires of Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen, Bruce Rock and Quairading.

From massive granite outcrops to spectacular views, vibrant wildflowers and true county hospitality, this trail offers a range of unique experiences across the region. Easy day trips can be made to many of the region’s unique and iconic sights including Wave Rock.

Tin Horse Highway

The Tin Horse Highway is dynamic and changing with new horses being added each year. One of next year’s editions could be your new favourite tin horse! We also have an Annual Tin Horse Competition which coincides with the Kulin Bush Races. The Tin Horse Highway is a laughing matter! The dusty paddocks surrounding Kulin have become a gallery of bright, quirky, community creations. What started as an authentic community marketing campaign to promote the annual Kulin Bush Races has become one of Western Australia’s most popular self-drives. The Tin Horse Highway provides a seriously entertaining drive and a fun alternative route to iconic Wave Rock. The Tin Horse Highway is FREE and OPEN all year round.

The Tin Horse ‘Highway’ is a 15 kilometre stretch of road in Western Australia which heads east from the town of Kulin out to the Kulin Bush Races Track at Jilakin Rock. The roads official name is the Gorge Rock -Lake Grace Road. Whilst the majority of tin horses are found on the Tin Horse Highway, you will also find many equally impressive and imaginative tin horses along other roads in the Kulin Shire and in Kulin town. All tin horses in the region contribute to the Tin Horse Highway story and reflect the vibrant, good humoured community who have built them. There are currently over 70 tin horses displayed on the Tin Horse Highway, in the town site of Kulin and along other roads to Kulin.

On the west side of town you will also find a herd of terrific tin horses including the BIGGEST tin horse in the region! The ‘West Kulin Whoppa’ is a reflection of many years of friendly competition between East and West Kulin farmers.

Read the story of the West Kulin Whoppa

For nearly two decades, the crazy tin horses of Kulin have entertained travellers driving the Tin Horse Highway. Since 1995, tin horses have been popping up along the highway, in town and on other roads in the region. But there is more to these terrific bits of tin than meets the eye. Behind every quirky steed is a person with an inspiration, a story and a memory.  Kulin’s Tin Horse Highway is so much more than metal.

Featuring a selection of local tin horse ‘artists’ in their ‘studios’ (studios being farm workshops, scrap heaps, sheds and on the Tin Horse Highway itself) this short film captures the uniqueness of the Tin Horse Highway and its significance to the Kulin community. Click here to watch.

The Shire of Kulin and community have recently produced a book entitled ‘Much More than Metal’. The collection of short stories aims to provide an in-depth look at the Tin Horse Highway, its stories, history and community. Copies of ‘Much More Than Metal’ are available for $10.00 at the Kulin Community Resource Centre. Orders can be made over the phone by calling the Shire of Kulin on 08 9880 1204.

Pioneers' Pathway

The Pioneers’ Pathway is a self-drive route that traverses the Wheatbelt following the well worn trail many prospectors once took on their way to the Yilgarn and Kalgoorlie Goldfields.

Whether you’re travelling from Perth to the Goldfields, or from the west to east coast, this trip is a rewarding alternative to the Great Eastern Highway direct route, adding only 44 kilometres to the journey. It offers the remarkable view of wildflowers in colourful profusion during the season, invigorating leg stretching nature walks, as well as numerous buildings and museums reflecting the unique rural historical significance of the region.

Illustration of the Pioneers Pathway
Illustration of the Wheatbelt Way map

Wheatbelt Way

A self-drive trip through the fascinating Northern Wheatbelt. An area that boasts a rich and extensive history, charming and friendly people, and all located in a diverse and truly Australian landscape. Along the way you’ll take in stunning natural surrounds, sites of historical significance, and the laid-back country atmosphere of the Wheatbelt.

The Wheatbelt Way self-drive trail will lead travellers on an adventurous interpreted journey to the 9 regional communities of Dowerin, Wyalkatchem, Koorda, Bencubbin, Beacon, Westonia, Mukinbudin, Nungarin and Trayning. It also highlights 24 unique sites ranging from natural attractions to sites of historical importance. There will be many opportunities to stay and experience the best the Northern Wheatbelt has to offer.

Holland Track & John Holland Way

Follow on the path of early pioneer explorers and discover the riches of the Golden Outback region.

For travellers that like to travel the road less travelled the Holland Track offers a great experience.  The track is approximately 350km’s in length and accessible by 4WD only.  The track connects the town site of Hyden home to Wave Rock and the historic mining town of Coolgardie.

It is also advised to carry extra fuel, water, first aid supplies, food rations as well as a comprehensive tool kit and spares.  It is also another good idea to let somebody know when you start and finish the track.

Are you looking for a unique adventure into the outback? How about this great opportunity to be part of an escorted, private, 9 day, 4WD tour? This is a personalised and exclusive tour where you will explore the rugged and endless outback of Western Australia. Get to know more about the Indigenous culture of the area with the Ngadju Rangers and enjoy epic sundowners out bush!
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Granite Way

The Granite Way is the Wheatbelt’s newest self-drive trail and a partnership between the Shires of Bruce Rock, Quairading and Kellerberrin. The 60km trail takes visitors on a journey to some of the most amazing and iconic granite rocks in the Wheatbelt, spectacular nature reserves and farming vistas. The trail provides picnic facilities and interpretation at various locations, giving trail goers a greater sense of the rich flora, layered histories, fascinating geology and various communities who call, and have once called the area home.

The granite outcrops of Mount Stirling and Kokerbin Rock (reputedly the third biggest monolith in Australia) are located along the Granite Way. The area holds great significance for Aboriginal people. The beautiful views make a drive this way well worthwhile. See the old Church when you visit Mt Stirling. Enjoy a bushwalk and picnic facilities at Kokerbin Rock.

A new free camping site has been built at the site of the old Kwolyin football oval. The camp boasts toilets, camp kitchen, picnic shelters, campfire with BBQ plate (fires April to September only), bush trails and a pioneer walk through the old town site. Pristine bushland, with seasonal orchids, flowering annuals and sandalwoods surround the campsite.

Vehicle pulling caravan in front of Granite Way
Illustration of the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail

Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail

The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail takes you to WA’s Eastern Goldfields, rich in gold, history and scenery, revealing the story of a unique engineering feat. Travel on the old Goldfields Road along which fortune seekers rushed in the 1890s.

Follow life-giving water from picturesque Mundaring Weir in the forested Perth Hills, through the open spaces of WA’s Wheatbelt to Mount Charlotte Reservoir overlooking Kalgoorlie- Boulder, the city built on gold.

Opened in January 1903, the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme criticised as ‘a scheme of madness’ is now an internationally acclaimed engineering feat. Designer CY O’Connor believed water could be pumped so far and lifted so high through a steel pipeline that it would reach the inhospitable goldfields almost 600 km from the storage reservoir.

Visit the sites of the former steam driven pump stations; some you can walk around following signed trails. The 25 stops also include other sites significant to the story of water in our state, including magnificent railway dams built to catch runoff from granite outcrops.

Granite Woodlands & Discovery Trail

Stretching 300 kilometres from Norseman to Hyden and Wave Rock, the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail is your invitation to explore a remarkable landscape. The Trail passes through part of one of the world’s greatest untouched temperate woodlands, a vast wilderness mosaic that is both beautiful and fascinating. Strewn with interspersing heathlands and distinctive granite outcrops it is a unique and intriguing piece of outback Western Australia.

Illustration of the Granite Woodlands Trail

Dangin Heritage Trail

Situated at the junction of the Quairading-York Rd and Dangin-Mears Rd, the Dangin Heritage Trail provides an insight into the history of a once thriving community. Just follow the signs and allow your imagination to step back in time.

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