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If getting outside is your thing, then the Western Australian Wheatbelt is ready and waiting for you.

Discover the magic of ancient granite rocks, wide open spaces, nature based walking trails, stunning flora and fauna, and dark skies full of stars that need to be seen to be believed.

What’s not to love? Come and join us and take some time for an Outdoor Adventure to explore this amazing region.

Avon River

The Avon River flows right through town and there is a picnic area on the east side of the bridge. The Avon River flows 240 km from source to mouth, where it becomes the Swan River. It can be seen from the top of County Peak. There are bridges across the river at Edward’s Crossing, Mt Kokeby, as well as in town.

County Peak

About 35km from Beverley, County Peak was given its name when the first surveyors drew up the original counties for the Swan River colony in 1829. County Peak was the intersection of counties York,  Howick, Grantham and Minto. The peak is also known as Mt Quajabin. Quajabin is derived from the Aboriginal word Quabin, which means ‘good camp’. The hike up to the top is relatively easy but be sure to take adequate water and keep a lookout for snakes.

All routes to County Peak are suitable for non-4WD vehicles, however the most direct route from Beverley is down Great Southern Hwy and left at Kokeby East Rd. 

Please consider current weather conditions as some roads may be closed during high rainfall events. 


The Beverley Soaring Society is the largest gliding club in Western Australia. Book a flight, learn how to fly, or feel free to just visit to watch as the gliders are towed in the air. 

For all information on flight bookings, prices, and membership visit the Beverley Soaring Society website.

Nature Reserves

The nature reserves in Beverley provide a range of different wildflowers throughout the year. The best opportunity to see wildflowers is from August to October.

Brooking Street Reserve is located within the townsite. View Map.

Poison Hill Reserve is a short drive east of Beverley. Located on the corner of Aiken Road and Morbinning Road. ​View Map

Dale River Reserve is located around 20km from the townsite. A hotspot for native birds. View Map.

Yenyening Lakes

These large salt lakes are located approximately 32km south east of Beverley. Water from the Lockhart and Yilgarn Catchments flow through the Yenyening Lakes and into the Avon River from an area of 91,000 square kilometres.

Yenyening Lakes are a haven for birdlife and are also used for water sports. 

Avondale Bush Reserve Walk Trail

Note: This trail is currently only accessible by appointment. Please contact National Trust of WA (08) 9321 6088.

The Bush Reserve Trail is marked with a total distance of 1.8km. No hiking experience is needed however a reasonable level of fitness is required. It is recommended to allow an hour to walk the loop. On the trail you will discover an abundance of flora and fauna.

Avondale Drive Trail

Note: This trail is currently only accessible by appointment. Please contact National Trust of WA (08) 9321 6088.

The Drive Trail at Avondale Farm is 5km, however this will take longer than you expect with a speed limit of 15kph and much to see. Just over halfway through the trail you will get to the Avondale Bush Reserve Trail, so jump out and stretch your legs for a walk through the Bush Reserve.

Brooking Street Bush Reserve Trails

​The Brooking Street Bush Reserve trails are walking distance from the main street and just around the corner from the RV Park. The reserve is a small but bountiful Bush Reserve. The reserve has over 12 native orchid species of which many are seen from July – October. The hybrid pink fairy and cowslip orchid is a species that attracts many.

Turn right off Vincent St onto Brooking Street. Turn right onto the gravel track where parking is available in the reserve. Please do not park at the Water standpipe on Brooking St. ​View map

Christmas Tree Well Walk

The Christmas Tree Well Walk is a relatively easy walk that is about 12km in length. Ensure that you carry with you water and the essentials. There is a picnic area near the start of a walk trail which leads to the picturesque walk through Wandoo Bushland. Located 20km from the Westdale / Brookton Highway turnoff. 

County Peak Trail

Currently there are no formal walk trails at the site. An accessible drive trail loops around the peak. For those that wish to hike to the summit, views at the top are breath-taking. From the peak seven Shires can be seen including Beverley, Brookton, Pingelly, Corrigin, Quairading, Kellerberrin and York and the expansive Yenyening Lakes system can be seen.

Dale River Reserve

A hidden gem in the Avon Valley. The Dale River reserve is located around 20km from the Beverley townsite off Westdale Road. Located along the Dale River the reserve is a biodiversity hotspot for birdlife and native vegetation. There are two relatively easy walk trails under 1km from the main pool site. The wildflower loop which is best to walk in August and September and a river walk. View map

Beverley Play Trail

This is a fantastic trail for the whole family to enjoy! The walk will take around one and a half (1.5) hours to complete, and is two and a half (2.5) kilometres return. The play trail follows eight points in the town of Beverley and highlights historical sites, community assets and beautiful public art. We recommend parents remain with children to complete this trail as one of the stops requires users to cross a main road. 

View the Play Trails Flyer.
Download the play trails app.

Moort Wabiny Park

here is something for the whole family to enjoy at Moort Wabiny Park. Complete with nature play, skate park, pump track, basketball court and shaded bbq area. Located in the main street next to all amenities and shops. 

Geocache Trail - Wandoo Series & FOTT Go Bush

Not sure what geocaching is about? Go check out the Official Geocaching website. Beware…. you may get hooked! You will need to signup to be a member, however there is a whole new world ready to be explored.

The Wandoo Series is a trail that takes you through the Wandoo Bushlands from Karragullen to Beverley and York. This series of Geocache cover around 300km, but no need to do them all at once!

The FOTT Go Bush is a geoart trail that takes you on adventure through the Wandoo Bushland. Some preparation is required before tackling this trail. There are varying levels of terrain, some requiring 4WD.

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