Fun things to do for all ages (part 2)

Sculpture of a horse and soldier on top of a rock overlooking a field on the self drive trail Pathways to Wave Rock

The first part of this rundown featured some must-see stops along the Pathways to Wave Rock, including some historic landmarks and fun community events. Keep reading to get the skinny on fascinating walking tracks, great playgrounds to burn off some of that road trip energy, and the best places in the Wheatbelt to watch the sun go down.

Things to do in the Wheatbelt

A young boy riding on a scooter in front of a brick building with a mural of 2 sheep in Beverley

The next time you Wander Out Yonder, why not explore the inland treasures on offer in the Wheatbelt? From breathtaking landscapes and rock formations to quirky art installations and even quirkier locals, there’s something for everyone. Since there’s so much on offer, here’s where you can check out part two of this article. Let’s get started.

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